updating your wordpress website

Keeping your WordPress website up to date is a small task that can keep your website in the good books with Google and any potential customers. For most business owners, time is something very precious and there is not enough to go around. This means things like updating your website will often fall to the bottom of the pile of important things to do.

Why do we need to keep it up to date?

The reason is rather simple, you want to show off your best content and you want Google to index that content. This could be a new blog article, a new product for your online store or even just keeping your contact details current.

First impressions count

When I am browsing websites and searching through Google for something I often laugh and joke about other peoples websites. Sometimes you can see that a website has not been updated in many, many years and unfortunately that usually leaves an impression on the website visitor. If the website is not responsive and does not load correctly on my phone or device. Sometimes the use of colours has been done in a distasteful way and clash with each other. Sometimes the font used was not legible, the list goes on and all point to a bad user experience on the website.

Securing new business

Your WordPress website has to bring you new business. When trying to secure new business you want your potential customer to feel safe and trust you. This can be hard if they have already made up their mind based on just browsing your website. Let’s look at some ways in which this can cause harm

  • Old design makes visitors feel like you are not on top of your game, think about giving it a facelift.
  • Old code used can cause webpage crashes or things to not load correctly or even not load at all.
  • Your brand is no longer reflected if the website does not reflect your current business.
  • Not mobile friendly, most people view websites on their phone. How does your one look on mobile?
  • Incorrect contact details can cause a direct loss of potential business.
  • Bad SEO, if you are not writing new content then you will be losing ranks on Google
  • Slow website, if you make people wait webpages then its incredibly likely they will just go somewhere else.

What can I do?

If you need someone to update you website for you, even just write a new blog then you should contact me today.
I would like to assist in making sure your website is found by your potential customers and that they have a good experience doing so.