POPI for your website

What is POPI?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI Act) is South Africa’s version of GDPR. It sets some conditions for responsible parties (called controllers in other jurisdictions) to lawfully process the personal information of data subjects (both natural and juristic persons). The POPI Act does not stop you from processing and does not require you to get consent from data subjects to process their personal information. Whoever decides why and how to process personal information is responsible for complying with the conditions. There are eight general conditions and three extra conditions. The responsible party is also responsible for a failure by their operators (those who process for them) to meet the conditions.

No more grace period

The Grace period was established  to run until 1 July 2021, this means you have to be compliant now.

I am not yet compliant / My website needs to be compliant

If you have not yet implemented POPI compliance on your website then we are able to assist you with this. Many companies in South Africa still need help with POPI and to avoid fines this should be done asap.
We can provide you with a cookie consent form and a basic privacy policy for your website.
We charge a flat rate of R1000 per website.

Contact Us now for help with POPI Compliance on your website.